Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays in the City..

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Slowly the cold wintery weather rolls into the city.. The fresh snow, the carts with fresh roasted nuts, and the bombardment of billboards and window d├ęcor lets you know.. it’s that time of year again! No matter where you are – New York City, Miami, San Francisco – no matter the weather, it’s very easy to catch the holiday spirit… what are you looking forward to in your city? Here are some of my fave things about the holiday season in the city!

1)   take in the smells and sounds of the holiday markets all over the city.. (granted I normally like to wait til after thanksgiving)..  there’s something about the aroma that arises from the fusion of roasted nuts, warm cocoa, freshly popped kettlecorn or flavored popcorn that just let’s you know Christmas is here.. being from the south, this is something that I cherish now that I’m in the city.

2)   shopping and walking through holiday markets. Last year, my favorite one was at Bryant park – tons of cute shops and designers with things out for sale.. you know there’s always a unique find at these markets! Plus, I always find cool local things to buy – like local honey or jams from neighboring farms.. mmm…mmmm!

3)   Hearing the salvation army bells outside of stores.. Although, I think a lot of people find it annoying, once I hear that bell, I know the holiday season has begun! it also reminds me that it’s the time of giving, and really, isn’t that dollar that you feel guilty not giving, better off helping someone in need?

4)   The first sight of snow… another thing I think people find annoying, but as a southerner (So. Florida to be exact)..  I never got the “white christmas”.. I’ll admit that after the first day, it will eventually turn into disgusting mush.. but still there’s something about walking around the city with snowflakes dancing around you..

miss rerun
5)   Breaking out the BIG comforters/bedding and cuddling in the sheets! the cat loves it too – when she’s all pillowed and sunken into the sheets, curled up in a ball.. that’s what I love feeling like on those cold, wintery nights..

6)   Egg nog latte at starbucks.. I know I know. This makes me a sellout when I was previously preaching about supporting local small businesses, and I would prefer an egg nog latte if it was provided at a local coffee house … but this is one holiday drink that I must have at least once a year no matter where it comes from!

7)   Wearing fun tights! This is the season when you can wear any tights/leggings with funky designs and it be totally fitting. Flowers, polkadots, hearts, stripes.. whatever floats your boat as long as you stay warm and keep the rest of your outfit tame. 

8)  Getting great finds for gifts.. of all the cities in the US - New York City is definitely the best place to find great gifts of any kind. your niece is a kidrobot fan? BAM! soho shop ( not to mention all the other toy specific stores in the east village). There's always a particular store with a niche clientele that you can shop for here. someone with an itch for handmade and local designer goods?! - check out Better than Jam- BTJ!!!


  1. you're cute 15 new york city- I knew i had to post something the minute i saw "favorite" and "new york city" in the same line- however, since you already know how much i love nyc, i will try to come up with things in the A

    1. a beautiful sunny and cold day(compared to florida as well of course)
    2. christmas music the minute you walk into a store
    3. all the shiny stuff!
    4. "snow mountain" at stone mountain
    5. reindeer antlers on all the suburbia moms' SUVs and minivans
    6. macy's tree at lenox mall- it's like the lights threw up all over the tree
    7. santa pubcrawl
    8. my (future) elf costume!!
    9. peppermint white chocolate mocha mmm..

    not bad atlanta... =P

  2. dearest katti!

    we all know you're a christmas holiday fan!!! love your top 9 things of the holiday season in atlanta..

    when you get that elf costume.. you're going to haveta send 15NYC a pic!!