Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Size Vs Fit...

Like everyone else, there are days when I feel like a supermodel, and then there are the days when I feel like a giant marshmallow. It’s not easy being a woman – there’s a constant pressure to look a certain way, and you’re still expected to have GIRL POWER and love your body and accept your flaws.. 

GIRL POWER!! ( check out those shoes!!)

But as a female designer, the most annoying realization is the constant focus on size rather than FIT!! Not only does this make you feel like you’re not “measuring up”… (get it !?! measure up! har har har..), but it creates this ideal that everyone should fit in a certain size..  be it a 2 or a 12.

It’s crazy amazing how many women can have similar measurements but not the same “sizes”.  Lots of sexy ladies can be two sizes different between top and bottom (a la rihanna), and let’s just say it can’t hurt if it’s the other way around ( helllloo!!! Christina Hendricks)…

and no matter which it is, I think we have to realize that “size 2” just isn’t going to cut it. Not to mention that everyone thinks that celebrities are all “one size”, but in actuality, part of the reason why they look so good is attributed to some seriously awesome spanx AND most of the designs are tailored and tucked. 

A tailor is a gal’s best friend, and even better is a designer that customizes her orders! (**wink wink** call me!!) but this is more just a friendly reminder to the ladies during this holiday shopping season, to stop worrying about sizes, and start worrying about fit. After all, size is just a number, its how you wear it that makes it WORK! 

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