Thursday, December 9, 2010


Finally, it's been a good 3 days in DC, and it's time for me to head home to see my new bff' - New York City! Although there's always new surprises in the DC area when i come to visit ( a growing food cart/truck culture, finally local coffee houses besides SB, and new shops and renovations in the U street area), it's time to return to the place where my soul feels at rest..

I did get a chance to take some notes and mental comparisons for this week's blog post - what not to wear this season.. every city has their own personality and culture, but there are just some things that i think you should just avoid wearing. and heres my list of don'ts to go with the last posts of dos!


  1. i know it's cold outside everyone but DON'T wear clashing accessories.. there's always that one fashion rule - take one thing off before you leave the house.. in the summer that refers more to jewelry but in the winter it's referencing the multicolored accessories that ppl buy. if you're going to wear those fun red mittens you should refrain from wearing bold colored legwarmers, hats, and scarves all at once... it just looks like color and accessory overload! so focus on one fun accessory and keep the other ones neutral!
  2. I DON'T get the peep toe boot. it's almost like a stripper version of a high heel boot. does your big toe not deserve some coverage also when it's less than 50 degree weather?? i know that it's one of those trends that have been growing since last year (a la lohan).. but it just doesn't make sense to me.. perhaps i shall regret this "don't" later when it's becomes the new "IT" trend in another year, but for now, i still feel like it's a "dont".
  3. oversized enough?!
  4. DON'T just assume that all black is fitting! After hanging around the government/corporate crowd this week, i find myself noticing how many of the women ( regardless of age) are pulling the old bag lady look with oversized black coats ( and subsequently oversized everything). i know its cold ppl, but just because it's a black coat doesn't mean you're going to still look svelty in it if it's 4 sizes to big... (well, unless you're an olsen twin.).  i'm not trying to have you sacrifice your warmth i'm just asking for you to pay attention to FIT ppl!!! it's just the key to making any outfit warm AND perfect.
  5. DON'T get nuts with holiday gear.. tis the season for some festive gear, but choose wisely friends... picking a reindeer hat with the christmas sweater and some socks with sleighbells for your office party is not going to help you be more popular - at least not in the good way. I'm always down for something a lil' fun to brighten up the holidays, but please, minimalism goes a long way.
  6. DON'T limit yourself to the typical holiday colors when it comes to holiday parties and festive nights. Everyone always aims for a christmas red and green, and soon you will realize that there is just a sea of red and green and you are just another minion. but remember there's a spectrum of colors for a reason and there's always the fun metallics pieces that can really make you pop! try incorporating ONE metallic piece into your wardrobe.. perhaps a fun gold skirt or a fringy silver top .. maybe you want to go with a slate colored dress with choice red accessories.. either way, it'll make you look festive with a punch of sophistication! check out the pieces we have available at 15NYC!

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