Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what inspires you?

            As I slowly start developing the spring season designs, I go through my normal process of getting inspired.. during this time.. I might watch interesting movies, or search for a great song, or maybe I’ll read an awesome book.. ( I’ve also been known to dye my hair or cut it to generate some interest and change so that I can be inspired)..  All of these things are just done to spark some creative emotion in me…

Here's my latest list: 

  1. Notwist's song - "consequence"
  2. old school TCM movies, like "gypsy", "roman holiday" or "cat on a hot tin roof".. the chicas from such movies can only inspire creativity.. 
  3. the book - "the alchemist".. just makes your ass want to find your own pyramid
  4. browsing through crazy ideas come from creative ppl!
  5. watching anime - which this season will be heavily inspired by "cowboy bebop" or "deathnote".. should probably hope more from bebop!

I can’t help but wonder what inspires you?

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