Friday, November 19, 2010

New York, I love you....

NYC, How do I love thee, lemme count the ways! Only you can provide me with such tiny delights that make you stay fresh in my mind. I can never forget how young and lively you made me feel with these memories, and you will always remain so close to my heart! And during this fall season, I will always remember…

- A brisk stroll through the streets to my favorite village while watching the few trees that line the streets shed their earthy toned leaves.
- The smell of freshly roasted nuts (not those burnt ones that you can smell for like 3 miles away) wafting in on the breeze as I’m on my way to the local bodega..
- Savoring my coconut milk based strawberry ice-cream in a tiny neighborhood park while daydreaming on a park bench,
- Tasting a freshly baked egg tart after a lavish and hefty dim sum meal in my favorite Chinatown restaurant. 

- Enjoying a velvety glass of Tempranillo on a Sunday night while relishing a cheese plate pairing in a cozy, tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant.
- Chuckling at the “fine” entertainment on my train ride to Brooklyn: the 3 minute magic show complete with rabbit in the hat and dove disappearing, or the breakdancers that can do some seriously dangerous tricks on a moving train.
- Aromatic and warm expresso drinks at a neighborhood coffee house with my mac on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
- Walking through L.E.S. and finding random art galleries or vintage shops that might just have that perfect shoe i was looking for all season! 
- Enjoying a fresh glass of ale at local 138 only the best pub in the whole L.E.S.  

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