Sunday, November 28, 2010

fashion street cred?

As I headed out this weekend to meet up with the gals for a dance a thon, I put on my newest 15NYC jumper (check it out!), a cute lil’ hair accessory, and my dancing shoes. (is there anything better than a great night of bootyshaking, stanky leggin, and fist pumping, with your fave gals? ) 

It was then that I realized I am always dressin' to impress, but for who? on those days that I’m “not trying”, I still spend at least 10 minutes figuring out which shirt will look “haphazard” enough, how to fix my face to look “natural” and if I should wear jeggings, leggings, or just some bf jeans to attain that perfect, “not trying” look...

When you’re putting yourself together, there’s the outfit, the hair, the makeup, and shoes… but who are you trying to impress? Boys might think that they are the ones we’re always aiming to please, but I think that some of us do it to get some femme fashion street-cred. One “cute outfit” or “love your haircut!” from a female can make any gal’s day… 

Who do you dress to impress?


  1. i dress to impress you hunni... loveddd the jumper! it was perfect to get down n dirty around town!

  2. yay!! it was actually pretty comfy going around jumping, dancing, and sweating in that outfit!! thanks ladies for a fabulous time!