Monday, May 2, 2011



so we have finally finished the RAW: UNEARTHED fashion show, and here are some of the pics from the events that night, thanks to model, OLA, for bringing her camera and snapping photos during the dressing frenzy.. :) it was great to see everyone there in support and definitely a fun event to be part of.

thanks to all the models and artists participating in the event!! 15NYC's participated by showcasing our spring line, "L'AVENIR", as the runway designer. To go in line with the theme of the line, we exhibited futuristic hair and makeup done by none other than Clara Isabella ( makeup) and Gina Spencer ( hair).

I was truly impressed with the results of the complete looks - each one was different and unique but still consistent with the theme and really showcased each persons talents. The models were totally kick ass and we can't wait to work with them again on future projects!! thanks again to everyone that came out to support the line and to check out the show! stay tuned for more pictures and video of the event!

did you miss the show???? if so, perhaps you will want to check out the trunk show then at BTJ this coming friday- May 6th!! see you all there!!!
Julie in "satsuki"

makeup artist: Clara!!

Ola in "Julia"

sexy sexy!! Ola and Alexandra in "Julia" and "Alice"

looking futuristic ladies!! Ola, Harper, Alexandra and Julie are all in "Julia", "Maxine", "Alice", "Satsuki"

Harper and Julie in "Maxine", "Satsuki"

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