Tuesday, May 10, 2011


finally, after a long week's wait there are some pics available from the main photographers and videographers at raw artists! i must say that all the models are looking pretty spiffy and the clothes really turned out well!

check it out!

you interested in looking at some of the pieces for your own wardrobe? remember to view them at 15nyc.com and to email us at fifteennyc@gmail.com with interests in your order!

finally :) all dressed and ready to walk!

ruhana getting her hair did!

alexandra - strutting her stuff in "alice"

getting ready.. and cheering them on...

harper's flawless walk in "maxine"

haydee looking hot in "leelu"

but nothing compared to her in "sophia"

Julia makes pigtails look sooo last year in "satsuki"

Julia's got that look..

Julio getting ready!

tada! the designer!

this was before or after the tequila shots?

Ola  plays up her "pebbles"
Ola is fun and flirty with "Julia" on

Ruhana is golden in "sunchild"

Sarah is ROCKin' it in "mimi"

hello sarah! soo hot!

oh tammy tammy tammy - i love you in "justine"

Tara is looking futuristic in "Aeon"

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