Thursday, January 27, 2011

blurring the lines of reality..

Recently was hanging with 2 good friends and catching up over the typical and much needed eatin’ and boozin’… We shared anecdotes about our holidays while sipping on a glass of velvety red and gossiped about mutual friends while hoarding the cheese plate. After the meal was done, we continued conversation at one of the gal’s apartment.
It was then that one of the three of us noticed a plant in her apartment. The girl who noticed the plant, started to poke and prod the plant; analyzing the tiny potted piece of love. The girl who owned it, then told us how this was one of the first living plants that she’s been able to upkeep. She waters it every day,  places it near the window for minimal sunlight, worries about the poor thing when she travels for work, and proudly exclaimed that she’s even named this foliage.

hello luv :)
The other girl and I continued to look at the plant, and in the process, we realized that this plant is not real.  Soon enough, the other girl begins to tell our friend that the plant she has cared for, for so long, is not real. She gives conclusive evidence to support her theory . “The trunk of the plant is hollow.”  “The thing never grows in size or needs to be trimmed.”  “I think it’s sitting in Styrofoam plastic, not that flower foam.”
I, on the other hand, didn’t really want to burst the bubble on it's reality. It started to get me to think. Having her believe in her responsibility, the work that she put into the plant, and the fruits of her labor (considering the fact that the plant will never die) made me wonder : regardless of the reality of the situation – this plant has brought happiness to my friend.  Would it have hurt her to continue to believe a false reality if it brought her happiness and a sense of comfort? Is it lifeless if you believe it has a soul and a name?
Like a child who believes in their teddy bear and santa claus, I don’t think it hurts to have a lil’ imagination in your life. Pooh bear was a significant part of Christopher's life - he was able to grow, mature, and develop even though Pooh was his stuffed bear. I feel that Pooh played an important part in his development and who knows.. maybe spielberg and zuckerberg had their own "Pooh" bear that allowed them to dream big. Tim Burton DEFINITELY had some sort of "Pooh" in order to create the lovable Edward Scissorhands. It’s such imagination that keeps you dreaming and craving bigger things...   What do you think? Do you like to blur the lines of reality sometimes?

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  1. Ahahahahahahaah. I love it. I would've let it go too, having something to believe in is what makes day to day life worth living.