Thursday, September 30, 2010

sleepless night in a busy city...

NYC from highway as you're driving into the city...
ahhh.. so just finished doing some major uploads to the site, created a facebook page and twitter account for 15NYC.. and now it's 1:30am, and i guess the excitement and the pressure of pushing forth a new brand is keeping me up at night.. what to do at such a time? counting sheep doesn't work (and who does this now and days?) , i've already tried thinking of the names of all my grade school teachers from K - 12, and that also didn't work tonite..

continuous thinking about improvements and future designs just seems to get me excited so that's not going to be very helpful either.. so i thought perhaps 20 minutes blogging and web browsing might bring the sleepies..

wonder what you all are doing out there tonight? are you all cuddled up somewhere cozy and warm and blissfully sleeping  or are you also dreading that afternoon americano that you had?

hope you guys are staying warm and dry - i think there's a gusty storm rolling in this area of town... nitey nite fellow 15ers.

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