Friday, August 27, 2010

NYC - city of inspiration!

NYC street exhibit in fashion district
i was watching the movie "New York, I Love You" recently and began wondering what is it about this city?  there's some sorta magic here, where you just feed off of the vibes and are motivated to show it in some form or fashion. is it in the air? in the water? is it the fact that all the unique people in the country gravitate here so that it becomes this mecca of art, style, individualism? or is it the fact that this city itself is what inspires such things??

Being a recent import who grew up in the suburbs, this city almost seems a lil' overwhelming... there are different neighborhoods, each with its own streets and culture that makes you feel like you're in a completely different city as you cross through. The fashion, the food, the smells of each street remain in your memory, and no matter how fast you're walking through - a hint of that smell can bring you back to the first time you took a step down that street or that curb. maybe that's why the city is soo full of artistry... there's a neverending flow of inspiration as each neighborhood grows. maybe that's why people here are so individualistic without even trying... a city with millions of people and everyone is still unique ...

Perhaps it's better left undefined and just enjoyed and explored. Allowing the inspiration of this great city come out in your individual style and fashion. NEW YORK BE MY MUSE!!! I LOVE YOU! does your city inspire you??

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